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EASBRICOM, the Secretariat of the Eastern Africa Region on matters of peace and security in accordance with African Peace and Security Architecture convened the 2nd Ordinary meeting of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the Eastern Africa Region on the 17th March 2010 in Moroni, the Union of the Comoros.

The Meeting was chaired by His Excellency the Vice President of the Union of the Comoros Hon Idi Nadhoim, the Vice Chair Hon Gen Marcel Gatsinzi, representative of the Head of State of the Republic of Rwanda ; with Hon Dr Chrispus Kiyonga the representative of the Head of State of the Republic of Uganda as Rapporteur assisted by EASBRICOM Secretariat. The meeting was attended by His Excellency the Vice President of the Republic of Burundi Gabriel Ntisezerana ; His Excellency the Prime Minister of the Republic of Djibouti Hon Dileita Mohamed Dileita ; Hon Mohamed Bacar Dossar the Minister of Defence of the Union of Comoros ; Hon Mohamed Yusuf Haji representative of the Head of State of the Republic of Kenya ; Hon Abdalla Boss Ahmed representative of the President of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia ; Hon Kasahun Dender, Minister of State for Defence and Representative of the Head of State of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and Lt Gen Magzoub Rahama El Badawi, representative of the President of the Republic of The Sudan.

The Assembly ;

Noted considerable progress made in the region leading to a conduct of a successful Field Training Exercise held in December 2009 to attain the Initial Operating Capability of the Force.

Took note of the Council meeting on the 13th March 2010 which among other things approves the EASBRICOM Strategic Plan for EASF 2010 - 2015 in order to achieve Full Operating Capability

Concurred with the Council appointment of Maj Gen (Rtd) Cyrille Ndayirukiye from Burundi as the new EASBRICOM Director

Endorsed handover of the Chair, Vice Chair and Rapporteur of the Policy Organs to Djibouti, Ethiopia and Comoros respectively with effect from 19th March 2010

Directed the following with regard to the Draft Revised Harmonized Policy Framework ;

a.A Committee of one high level legal or political Expert from each Member State Chaired by Djibouti and assisted by AU experts be formed to review the matter.

b.An Extraordinary Council of Ministers meets to receive the Experts Report by end of June 2010

c.The Council of Ministers with the assistance of the Experts will report to the Kampala Summit in July 2010

Considered the African Union Request to EASBRICOM to deploy a multi-role Engineer unit to support AMISOM and directed the following ;

a.The Chairperson of the Summit engages all Member States to seek troop contribution to AMISOM, including an Engineer Unit

b.The Secretariat continues engagement with the African Union with assistance of the Chair of the Council to seek further clarification on this deployment and the funding of the Units.

c.An assessment mission to Somalia be undertaken by EASBRICOM as soon as possible.

d.The Chairperson of the Summit taking into account the results of assessment mission and in consultations with Members of the Summit may call a Summit as soon as possible. In any case, the Chair will make a report to the Summit not later than the AU Summit due in Kampala in July 2010.

Thanks the Union of Comoros for hosting the 2nd Ordinary Assembly, and the Secretariat EASBRICOM for facilitating the meeting.

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